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Claim your voting rights first folks

ZIMBABWEANS in the diaspora must demand their right to vote if Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono realises that they need to contribute to the well-being of Zimbabwe.

if”>The Mugabe regime, through the governor, seem to have now realised the role of Zimbabweans in the diaspora. Gono is preparing a massive programme to help the country by inducing those in the diaspora to repatriate their hard-earned foreign currency.

This is a big shift from the accusations heaped on them by the regime, including Mugabe himself, who has called them all sorts of names .

If cleaning old white ladies can bring in foreign currency that can help Zimbabwe prosper, then why was Mugabe and company making so much noise?

Zimbabweans in the diaspora should actually demand the fulfillment of their rights before heeding Gono’s call. One such right is their unconditional right to vote. If the millions of Zimbabweans living outside Zimbabwe are allowed to vote, their vote will certainly make a difference in the same way their foreign currency will also make a difference.

I know of a number of Zimbabweans in the United Kingdom and elsewhere and can confess that the majority are willing to return to their country of birth provided the political situation has improved. Their vote will certainly help improve the situation.

Benjamin Chitate,


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