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Chiyangwa a pawn in the political game

IT is amazing that after all the stories that have been unfolding since Independence, people still won’t learn about Zanu PF.

The arrest of pompous businessman an

d inexperienced politician Philip Chiyangwa is the latest of a series of very similar Zanu PF tactics of “use ’em trash ’em” style. But still people will not learn.

Eddison Zvobgo, whom everyone in Zanu PF would love to hate because of his piercing truth once said: “Zanu PF isinjonjo.”

But still they don’t listen. Maybe we have to get back to the basics, to the question “who really is Zanu PF?” Never mind all that hocus pocus about it being the people’s party which even the most senior members of the party know it isn’t.

Zanu PF has a very small membership, probably totalling less than 10. In Zanu PF, there are only very few people who will not be sacrificed if the need arises. Everybody else is like a pawn in a game of chess; their role is to protect the king. They can only make one move ahead (except their first move, aimed at giving them political confidence!). They cannot retreat when danger comes and they are the first to be sacrificed when the reputation of the king is at stake.

So Zanu PF recruits enthusiastic people like young Philip when it needs them and makes them feel above the law. Then when the time comes, it makes sacrifices – to protect the king.

Chiyangwa, who has no record of being intellectually smart even though he boasts of having a “doctorate in common sense”, is part of that scheme.

Right now to the average Zimbabwean the attention is on ENG and Chiyangwa and not at the root cause – Robert Mugabe. That’s how it works and it seems to keep Zanu PF alive. Hopefully more and more people will learn. I know people who gave their votes to Zanu PF in the 2002 elections because they had been given little plots (which were later taken away).

I know people who strongly believe that “the British” are out to get us and Mugabe is our saviour, and it seems no amount of queuing, inflation, joblessness or chaos will straighten up their minds. They are part of the problem but they are not the problem.

We have a high literacy rate in Zimbabwe but still people can’t read between these political lines. Yet we are at a crucial time when we need to build this nation for the sake of ourselves and future generations. It’s now time to look beyond the symptoms.

Yes Chiyangwa sucks and so does ENG. But isn’t it because somebody has created an environment where only chaos prevails, where those dedicated to work in a straight honest way face humiliation and frustration every day? Is it not that small group we call Zanu PF that has crafted Zimbabwe to what it is today – a nation bathing in poverty, crime and shame.

I challenge my fellow Zimbabweans to think, and think seriously beyond Chiyangwa and ENG. Beyond RBZ’s Gideon Gono’s efforts and all the talk lies the truth. Seek it and stop being used.

Muchenjeri Bundo,

Ohio, USA.

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