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Bennett one of our own

WHAT Bennett did to Chinamasa and Mutasa was a result of extreme provocation. And there are no wounds to show for all the noise people are raising – just a push from behind.

Some people like the Chiminya family have graves to show for unprovoked violence. Having worked in Matabeleland the locals showed me homes which were decimated by the Fifth Brigade and had mass graves to show for it.

When we voted Bennett in it was a result of the hard work he has done on the ground. Other hopefuls like Mutezo are known in a little village around Mutambara. For Zanu PF hoodlums who do not know where Chimanimani is to say he should not go to Chimanimani is unfortunate. We want him as our elected MP to come and work with us.

We want him so much that we are determined to re-elect him again. The few powers that be that are causing problems for him have never done anything for Chimanimani. They should walk alone to Chimanimani where everyone talks openly that they are prepared to do a “Bennett” on them because they are outisiders with no intrest in the development of Chimanimani but to destroy it. But Bennett is welcome among us because as the name “Pachedu” that we gave him implies he is “one of our own”.

To say that Arda will run Bennett’s farm is laughable. We all know how Arda destroyed dairy farming in Rusitu valley.



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