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Athletes story missed facts

I WRITE to you concerning an article “Inexperience bogs down athletics team” (Zimbabwe Independent, April 2) written by Enock Muchinjo, which was in connection with the Zimbabwe select junior ath

letics team which travelled to South Africa to compete.

I am one of the officials who accompanied the team and have noticed errors in the article.

Firstly, there were three medals brought home – a gold and bronze by Mandla Mgijima for the triple jump and long jump and a bronze by Camilla Knight for the 400m hurdles.

Secondly, there were only 34 athletes, not 40 and we were very pleased with their performance as many made it into the finals which is no mean feat.

Thirdly, the boys’ team captain was Brian Chingono from Falcon, not Farai Mavindidze, who is a junior.

Fourthly, Knight did not run the 1500m, but did run the 400m, where she made it into the finals and the 400m hurdles where she came third.

We will be sending our final results to the AAAZ once we have compiled everything before the next school term begins.

We are very proud of our girls and boys who did extremely well and tried their hardest. It is important that the correct information is gathered in the beginning.

Catherine Rheeder,


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