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Ashamed of being a Mutasa

I AM really ashamed of being a Mutasa by totem because of what cowardly Didymus Mutasa admitted to having done to Roy Bennett in parliament – kicking him from behind.

rif”>Only cowards attack people from behind. The Voice of America (VoA) has done Zimbabwe a great service in exposing another of many Zanu PF cowards in high offices.

From listening to the VoA interview, Didymus Mutasa is no better than Roy Bennett because he admitted to kicking Bennett whose real gripe was with foul-mouthed Patrick Chinamasa. Should not Mutasa be as ostricised as Roy Bennett is by Zanu PF mobs?

Mutasa goes further to reveal how stupid he is by responding to the interviewer thus: “Exactly, and that is what honour is all about. You don’t just stand there watching a fellow minister being abused.”

Is the minister suggesting that MDC members should have kicked Chinamasa seeing that he was verbally abusing a fellow member of parliament? Are Zanu PF members not aware of the gross abuses on Zimbabweans taking place in the country? Why do they (Zanu PF members) not demonstrate against such abuses and bad governance?

Zanu PF members should not be mobilised against other fellow Zimbabweans belonging to other political parties. They should not be used by the likes of Mutasa and other members of government. It is a well-known fact that once arrested, the foolish people being used to break the law will be on their own and the “users” will be nowhere to be seen. The anti-corruption minister is actually encouraging his party’s supporters to commit crimes by supporting attacks on Roy Bennett and Zimbabwean whites.

Please, people of Zimbabwe, particularly Zanu PF supporters, say no to any form of violence. In the coming polls next year, vote out people such as Mutasa who have brought shame to the whole of Manicaland. Is this the quality of men Zanu PF supporters would like to see become the next president of Zimbabwe? What a cruel joke!

My final plea to the people of Zimbabwe is not to isolate themselves on racial grounds from the rest of the world. Zimbabwe is not an island but part of a large global village. People who are preaching racialism have all got relatives and children in European countries. For the first time in the history of Zimbabwe, let us all unite and boot out from government people with degrees in violence. Let us vote for people who can bring law and order, peace and prosperity to Zimbabwe whichever political party they belong to. Let us communicate peacefully using the media because demonstrations will always be crushed by Zanu PF army and police.

Fungai Mutasa,


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