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Apologies from Econet

THROUGH your newspaper, Econet Wireless sincerely apologises to KC Barbour and indeed our other customers who might have experienced problems due to recent changes with our revised Window Access Periods.

e=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>We have, and still continue, to use various avenues at our disposal, to advise customers in advance of any significant changes in our services.

We would like to draw our customer’s attention to the “Inspired Talk” advertorials which we publish in the print media regularly to advise customers of changes to tariffs, products and services.

Our SMS platform is also utilised to send specific notices to customers. In view of our recent adjustments, we wish to remind customers on our pre-paid platform to kindly adhere to parameters set by the new minimum Window Access Periods.

The window period is the time allowed for by a specific recharge card denomination during which a subscriber enjoys the mobile phone services of making and receiving calls. If the subscriber fails to recharge at the expiry of the window period, these services will be suspended, wholly or partially, and may be restored upon recharge subject to stipulated conditions. Suspension of lines occurs in stages and we are taking this opportunity to re-emphasise how the system works.

The minimum window access period is 10 days for $5000 worth of airtime, after which the following applies:

Suspension state (six days): During this stage, the customer is able to recharge his/her SIM card with airtime. After recharging, they are given a corresponding window period which includes existing credit (You do not lose unused recharge time). In the suspension stage, one is able to receive calls but may only call the 123 number to effect a recharge.

Unused state: In this state, customers can receive calls but cannot recharge the SIM card with airtime. One therefore has to approach our customer service centres and pay the applicable reconnection fees as long as the line is still on the network. The line stays in this state for any period of time up to the following Wednesday when all lines still in this state are removed from the network.

Customers are encouraged to take note that application of window access periods is not unique to Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, and is used by other cellular networks locally, regionally and internationally to attract and retain subscribers. They are necessary to maintain economic viability for the network operators who all pay licence fees and network maintenance costs in foreign currency.

Econet would like to assure Mr Barbour of our commitment to ensuring that our subscribers are kept abreast of the latest developments. As for the Window Access Periods, we implore stakeholders to bear with us while we work on mechanisms to give customers adequate warning of pending suspension in addition to information that has already been released.

Dakarayi Matanga,

Corporate communications executive,

Econet Wireless,


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