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Aippa scalding even own family

WHEN Professor Jonathan Moyo pushed for the diabolic Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Aippa), we, the majority of the masses as well as those Zanu PF members of parliament, thought that he was only laying prohibitive m

easures for Zanu PF’s “enemies” like the opposition MDC and the privately-owned media.

How wrong we were! The recent Sky News saga exposes this.

To our surprise, the legislation is now impacting on Zanu PF more than any perceived enemies.

Morgan Tsvangirayi and all of Zanu PF’s “enemies” can easily communicate with the outside world at any time. Not the same with Zanu PF any more. To his credit, Moyo has caged Zanu PF in its own destruction.

The Sky News saga showed that it almost became impossible for its veteran information chief Dr Nathan Shamuyarira to make President Mugabe and the party’s position heard by the rest of the world.

As if he belonged to the opposition, Shamuyarira had cuts and bruises in his efforts to enable President Mugabe to have “access to information” which is the right to receive information and also the right for his side to be heard on the Zimbabwean story.

Now, it is confirmed, Moyo’s legislation has done harm to everyone, especially Zanu PF as the Sky News saga saw the desperate efforts by the party’s founding fathers to break the parochial “prison bars” they found themselves in so they could have an audience with the outside world.

It is now confirmed that the piece of legislation only allows one person access to information and denies everyone else this right (within and outside Zanu PF). This one person is none other than Moyo himself.

Way back in the 1980s Shamuyarira never imagined that one day he and the entire founding fathers (Joseph Msika, John Nkomo, President Mugabe etc) would struggle with Moyo (a stubborn critic of the ruling party at that time) to gain access to information to freely discuss “political issues” with anyone and at any time.

Obviously Shamuyarira would have brushed aside any notion that a mafikizolo would bar his voice from the state television and the Herald.

The bitter attack by the Herald obviously left him and a host of other founding fathers licking their wounds and wondering about the route the Third Chimurenga caravan is taking.

My message to Shamuyarira is:Cheer up comrade. You have not seen anything yet. Take advice from party veterans like Happison Muchechetere and Oppah Muchinguri on how the Third Chimurenga works. Like yourself, Muchechetere (a Mgagao liberation war veteran) could be at a loss for words if he considers reports that the first successful deserter of the liberation struggle is the one who many years later came to abruptly derail and end his glittering broadcasting career at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation.

Muchinguri could be at a loss for words if the motherly nature within her causes her to weep upon seeing the Third Chimurenga’s “works” on Roy Bennett’s farm and other Chimanimani estates with pitiful sights of defenceless mothers and children dumped in the open cold.

These two individuals with illustrious Second Chimurenga liberation war records will tell you Dr Shamuyarira “this is another war; A Third Chimurenga” spearheaded by “immoral little boys” who are merely opportunists.

Denford Moyo,


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