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Absurd to play rough and tough while nation starves

I AM yet to meet a Zimbabwean who doesn’t hope for a better future for Zimbabwe. Everyday, thousands of miles away from home, we remain Zimbabweans to the very core and always look forward to rea

ding the good news from our sweet motherland.

It is because of this natural fondness for my country that I read with excitement and joy a recent report in the Herald saying that for the first time in three years Zimbabwe was not going to import any food because there was enough for everyone. (Actually, I don’t remember the Herald ever admitting Zimbabwe was importing food, but I didn’t care.)

A government minister was quoted confirming this, and added that donors need not worry about Zimbabwe anymore.

However, after reading conflicting reports from other media, and after Muckraker’s reminder of Joseph Made’s similar remarks last year, I was naturally disappointed that I had celebrated prematurely. Why, for goodness sake, would anyone want to play macho at the expense of people’s lives?

I know it would not do Zanu PF any good to appear to be beggars after pulling out of the Commonwealth and deciding we could do it alone.

We know there are instances where personal egos would let us stretch our abilities to the very limit.

Any young man who has ever dated a woman would surely testify that sometimes being tough and rough might gain you an extra point or two. However, where people’s lives are concerned, I do not believe it is wise to pretend all is well when it is not.

Whether Zimbabwe’s foot shortages were caused by drought or by Zanu PF’s pathetic land reform programme doesn’t matter.

What matters is that people are starving and they are going to die, unless they eat. We need all the help we can get. We can play rough and tough in times of plenty, but where people’s lives are concerned, it would be absurd to feign invincibility.

And I wonder too if the people at the Herald have any morals. Surely, how can they mislead people thus?

Hudson Taivo,


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