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Why journos alone?

SO President Mugabe has vowed to deal with corrupt people in his government no matter who they are? Hmmm… very, very interesting.

Has anyone whispered to h

im about the still-unresolved Noczim saga, or GMB, Zesa, Air Zimbabwe, NSSA; or the ministers’ wives who were buying forex at $824:US$1 and selling it at $6000 last year; or a certain fitness trainer who took forex from Zimbabweans desperate to go to the UK; or a certain general’s wife who took over a white farm, sold the proceeds to a British company and pocketed the forex; or the minister who sold his South African mansion and forgot to declare the forex?

And what about the boxing promoter who had a tuck shop in London? Or the musicians who go on tours overseas and in the region but never declare their forex?

Why victimise journalists only?



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