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What’s so special about Multichoice?

I STRONGLY suspect that Multichoice is putting pressure on SABC to disable the free to air SABC TV channels that can be accessed by anyone with a special type of DSD in Zimbabwe.

Multichoice has been losing subscribers in the cou

ntry due to its insistence that locals pay in US dollars.

My question is: Why is Multichoice Zimbabwe allowed to charge in foreign currency while in Botswana and South Africa subscribers pay in their local currencies?

Where does an ordinary citizen get US dollars, and why does government allow Multichoice to denominate its services in US dollars when other players are barred from doing so?

This to me smacks of government complicity and hypocrisy!

A lot of low and middle-income citizens who had invested their meagre incomes in Multichoice decoders have since lost out because they can no longer access the DStv bouquet because of this ridiculous forex subscription requirement.

Official media would have us believe that the majority of ZTV viewers are happy with programmes that insult our intelligence like Valve, Avenues and Notorius Kapfupi among others!

Of course the top brass in industry and government have easy access to forex, but what about the ordinary citizens, are we not allowed to choose for ourselves what to watch and listen to?

The only conclusion that one draws is that the top brass have the right to choose what to watch while they prescribe mediocre programmes churned out by ZTV for the ordinary citizens. This is the reason why the airwaves have not been opened up to allow independent players to compete with the state broadcaster.



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