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What Prof Trimble doesn’t know

I WAS puzzled when I read Dr Trimble’s article about African-American support for the redistribution of land (“Africans in US support land reform in Zim”, Independent, March 19).

elvetica, sans-serif”>Of course there may be some magazines or journals talking about these issues that I am not aware of. But as to demonstrations in Washington DC, those I would certainly be aware of because I live and work here.

So far as I know, there were not as many as two people with a signboard much less any significant turnout. I am afraid that many African-Americans are as ignorant as their white brethren about issues in Africa.

Unless you have Internet access to African websites, it is not easy to follow current events.

When I reached the bottom of the column to read Dr Trimble’s accreditation, I was more confused. The good professor is in Bulawayo and he knows more about what is happening in my city than I do?

Well, perhaps it is true. After all, I live in Washington DC and know that there is massive hunger in Zimbabwe and that Zanu PF is using food to buy votes which the professor does not seem to know. And I know that racism is just as evil when it is black racism as when it is white racism.

And I know that an authoritarian government will abuse its people no matter what colour. These are things the professor seems not to know. Perhaps he is much more knowledgeable about computers than agriculture or politics?

Christine Howlett,

Washington DC

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