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What a good precedent!

I FIND it hard to understand the hypocrisy. In the last few months we have seen many people being dragged to the courts for mismanagement of our financial institutions and other financial embezzlement offences.

ONT face=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>All these events brought to my mind a scene in the near future when President Mugabe’s corrupt officials will be dragged before the courts.

This is certainly a very good precedent. Whoever will take over after Mugabe should do the same.

All those who are looting the state coffers must be exposed. It will be very easy for the new government because of the anti-corruption legislation introduced recently.

No bail for anyone and all investigations will be carried out while the people are in prison. They will have no one to blame as they are the ones who introduced the draconian legislation in the first place.

If they are so swift to arrest and detain those involved in mismanagement of small institutions, there must be a stiffer penalty for those mismanaging our economy.

I bet the news will be filled with the same headlines, vehicles confiscated, money stuffed in foreign accounts etc.

I can’t wait to see them run to catch flights as we are seeing today.

Food for thought,


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