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War vets can bring change

NO letter has ever been written to you appealing for peace in Zimbabwe. It is a crying shame that we have known no peace and prosperity under Zanu PF which you have been supporting all along.

Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>When are you going to be used for peace and development for every Zimbabwean and not only the fat cats we see all over the country driving expensive cars and living in mansions.

Comrade Chinotimba (if you are a war veteran), you have betrayed the cause of war vets by becoming one of the fat cats driving fancy cars. Have you forgotten what you were supposed to have fought for? What legacy, as a war vet, are you going to leave for your children and Zimbabwe at large? All war veterans were loved and respected after Independence but a few years later, Zimbabweans have come to hate and fear them. Are you proud of this negative achievement?

The commendable work you did fighting for freedom, prosperity and justice has been tarnished beyond redemption because of your unmitigated greed and lack of care for the suffering Zimbabweans.

Do you want your own children, to be mobilised into fighting for an unjust government? You fought against greed of a few white people but you only succeeded in landing us in the arms of greedy black people. You were instruments that were used to correct injustices in Rhodesia. Do you think these injustices have been eradicated? Is this what you fought so gallantly to bring to Zimbabwe?

The shame of it all should haunt you for the rest of your lives. But that can be changed by you alone if you make sure that the people of this country are not forced to vote for people who have brought us nothing but poverty and misery. You have the power to say no to lawlessness, no to violence, no to torture, no to poverty and no to the uncertainty we are faced with in Zimbabwe.

You have the chance to redeem yourselves next year when the country goes to the polls. You must be a force for change. Educate the people of Zimbabwe to shun violence and one-partyism. Allow us to look at and choose democratically, candidates presented to us by different political parties including Zanu PF. Take you rightful place in rebuilding the crumbling Zimbabwe.

Whistle blower,


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