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Thumbs up for Khan

Our former Warriors coach Sunday Marimo seemed to think that he was above his superiors.

Marimo in actual fact showed his true colours in the midst of searching f

or sanity. It seemed professionalism is a word which didn’t exist in his vocabulary. His resignation is a testimony that he is a man who can’t accommodate ideas coming from others.

He boasts of making history by qualifying for the Africa Cup of Nations 2004 but doesn’t realise that most of his predecessors reached the same stage but still failed to qualify. It’s not Marimo’s sole architecture but more respect should be given to our messiah Gabon.

His decision comes at the right moment when there was need for restructuring. Thumbs up for the brave Rafiq Khan who knows that soccer is a professional job like others. I wish the Warriors their best in the absence of Marimo. They should remain Warriors that they were.

Woe to those who don’t want ideas from others for their is the kingdom of doom.

Oswell Rusinga,


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