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Thank God we’re a docile lot

HAVING grown up in the rural areas, how many of us have ever heard any old man or lady say, while walking alone along the rural paths: “I am not a witch, I am not a witch, I didn’t kill anyone.”

Even if one was accused by

neighbours of witchcraft, does he stand on top of an anthill or mountain and proclaim to the world his innocence?

In Shona they say ndiko kubvotomoka (these are hallucinations). A typical example was a story in one of the daily papers: “No foul play suspected in Jokonya’s death”.

Whoever suspected what and why? And as if that was not enough, we had President Mugabe telling the nation Zimbabwe will never ever collapse!

Whoever said it was collapsing? It can’t man! It’s so strong we now have a $100 000 bearer cheque! Why the hallucinations?

Then we read in the Standard that there was rioting in Bangladesh when power went off during the World Cup match pitting Germany and Argentina.

The authorities here must thank God Zimbabweans are not a violent lot. It could be the reason they are taking advantage of us. What with the incessant water and power disruptions that did not only occur during the World Cup matches, but are a daily part of our lives!

James Chabata,


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