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Tackle corruption, vote Zanu PF out

WHILE some Zimbabweans viewed the appointment of a minister to deal with corruption in Zimbabwe as a major development, the responsible minister made it very clear in a phone-in ZBC programme last week that members of the cabinet will not

be affected by the anti-corruption operation.

A week or so later, we are told that the court has gagged the press from revealing the identity of a high-ranking politician named as one of the beneficiaries of some illegal gold dealings. What does this tell us about the sincerity of the Mugabe regime in dealing with corruption?

James Makamba, a member of the central committee, is languishing in custody as we speak. Philip Chiyangwa, chairperson of Zanu PF Mashonaland West province, was locked up for some weeks. Who then is this “high-ranking politician” involved in this scam?

I can hear many whispering names.

They may be right or wrong but the truth is that that person is a top Zanu PF official. It is obviously not an MDC official because if it had been one, police and the courts would have been very quick to ask for the disclosure of “a puppet of the white man” as the MDC leadership is labelled by Mugabe’s bootlickers.

If the Mugabe regime is serious in its pronouncements that it intends to deal with corruption, Mugabe should tackle all culprits. The mere fact that there have been efforts to conceal the identity of the person involved speaks volumes.

Progressive Zimbabweans should read into this development and decide on the next course of action.

March 2005 is not very far off. The only way to weed out corruption in Zimbabwe is to remove Zanu PF from power. Vote all the Zanu PF MPs out of office and Mugabe will automatically resign.

How can he operate with 120 parliamentarians who are not Zanu PF, with

only 30 of his own appointees?

I appeal to all Zimbabweans to join hands and deal with corruption once and for all.

Benjamin Chitate,


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