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Symptoms of a malady gripping Zim

JAMES Sabuneti is one of the Zimbabweans in the diaspora who have been writing letters to the Zimbabwe Independent claiming that “come what may, we will not allow (Gideon) Gono to get his filthy hands on our forex to prop up the Mugabe re


Rabid letters have been flying back and forth with Zimbabweans in the diaspora demanding that Gono leaves them alone because they are not keen on selling their hard-earned forex to “Gono and Eric Bloch’s road show”.

Yet now I see that this very group wants Gono to save their money which is deposited with some banks now on shaky ground. Now they want Gono to help although they have very loudly said they want nothing to do with him whatsoever.

They should be happy that government is not getting their money and that Bloch is not mopping up their hard-earned forex to prop up Mugabe. They should I think, be happy that their money is not going to Mugabe’s government but to rich, clever fellow black businessmen who have got the art of making profit down to a tee.

Why scream for government help now? Where are your principles? Where is your pride which you paraded so arrogantly only a few weeks ago?

What is even more sad, however, is that Sabuneti’s letter displayed the symptoms of the sickness that has condemned Zimbabwe to pauper status.

This symptom manifests itself every time something goes wrong in the country.

If commuter omnibus fares go up, people immediately shout that the “government should do something”. Instead of getting together, organising themselves and boycotting the buses, they ask government to intervene and save them.

When rentals go up ridiculously because speculators are trying to recoup the inflated prices they paid for property we start seeing letters in the papers from people asking government to “intervene”. It is dangerous.

The best form of government we can have is less government. All prosperous nations have governments that keep out of the lives of their citizens as much as possible.

These countries even leave the supervision of business to self-regulatory bodies. And the papers in these countries also encourage this environment by hotly debating all shortcomings in business.

This mentality of wanting government to be a babysitter is common to many Zimbabweans and it is the biggest reason why our civil rights movements are failing to take off.

Instead of standing up to fight, Zimbabweans like Sabuneti will holler for government so that they don’t dirty their own hands doing the work themselves.

This is the bane of our nation. This is the mentality that will keep our nation under the boot of its rulers.

It has nothing to do with Mugabe or Morgan Tsvangirai or any other president we will have in future. It has to do with the mentality of the people of this country.

This mentality will compel even the most benign regime that rules Zimbabwe to exploit it. And we will have only ourselves to blame. Our destiny is in our hands.

Government must leave us do our own thing because once it starts doing everything on our behalf, that is the end of civilisation as we know it.

Denford Magora,


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