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Stevenson’s accusations unfair

I WISH to respond to comments made by MDC Member of Parliament Trudy Stevenson in an article entitled “MDC not boycotting 2005 election” (Zimbabwe Independent, March 26).

>Stevenson is quoted as having said: “We resolved as a party to prepare thoroughly to participate in the election. However, we insist that the election must be free and fair this time and we will not allow (Registrar-General Tobaiwa) Mudede and Zanu PF to steal the election”.

It is unfortunate that we have in parliament people who do not understand the system that brought them into the House.

During the 2000 parliamentary election the MDC won 57 seats, Zanu PF 62 while Zanu won in Chipinge South.

The MDC has also won the majority of mayoral positions in most of the big cities in the country, ie Bulawayo, Harare, Masvingo, Mutare, Chegutu, Kariba, Gwanda and Victoria Falls.

One wonders how the MDC managed to win all these positions if the Registrar-General could easily steal the election as alleged by Stevenson.

I suspect that Stevenson belongs to the club of Rhodies who fought against the Independence of this country. She is in the same league with the BBC correspondent Hilary Anderson who later backtracked on her propaganda Panorama programme on National Youth Service in Zimbabwe.

What is surprising is that when the MDC wins an election, they never complain about the system, but alas when they lose they say the Registrar-General has stolen the election from them and cry for the creation of an Independent Electoral Commission to run the elections. Who is fooling who?

Stevenson should explain how the Registrar-General steals elections and not just make false allegations which are not substantiated.

On the issue of a fresh voter registration, I do not see the need or logic of that suggestion since voters’ rolls are updated on a daily basis and are laid out for inspection by the public regularly.

I expect legislators like Stevenson to understand the operations of the Electoral Act and ancillary regulations to enable them to appreciate the electoral process of Zimbabwe.

Benito Chigumbuchineunye,


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