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RBZ should safeguard funds of locals in diaspora

PLEASE make it known that Zimbabweans living in the diaspora are concerned with what is happening to our financial institutions.

I believe many other Zimbabw

eans still hold accounts with some of the fallen financial institutions. We are concerned with the fate of our money.

I guess many other people in similar situations as me won’t be able to get home to get what we are owed and thus remind the central bank governor Gideon Gono that whatever the RBZ is doing should include measures to safeguard the accounts of those of us who are not home to ensure that we get our dues.

Moreso, some of us still have salaries moving into accounts held with the closed institutions as we are not immediately available to change methods of payment.

I suspect this is another opportunity for people with long hands to make our cheques disappear in our absence.

Whatever is going to happen to that money is the responsibility of the RBZ. The RBZ should put measures in place to protect our funds.

James Sabuneti,


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