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Puzzled by acting mayor’s directive

I FOUND something that puzzled my mind out of sorts and am sure by publishing this letter, others will also share the same sentiments with me.

In the story “Effor

ts to shift Gwindi office hit snag” (Herald, May 28), Sekesai Makwavarara, the Chombo-Kurasha-Tomana-etc-laden acting mayor of Harare, is reported to have said to Town Clerk Nomutsa Chideya:

“Could you please look into this issue (use of library) and come up with a workable plan, which will minimise the use of the library and thereby cut down on costs of telephone usage. You could maybe allocate one day a week for the use of the facility and keep the library locked on other days,” said Makwavarara.

Hold on!

How on earth can one suggest that a library belonging to councillors – or to anyone else – be closed for six days a week?

When do councillors do their research on issues affecting the city?

When is self-enrichment realised by our councillors?

No wonder Harare City Council is failing. Councillors are not allowed to research.

Madam mayor, what are your qualifications, if I may ask? If you are educated, then it doesn’t show.

I am sure this sounds familiar especially if you reflect on your “work relations” with your minister (of Local Government Ignatius Chombo) and how you got that job.

Just recently, he was crying over petty issues such as council sugar and shower rooms. Please forgive us!

Chombo and Makwavarara, give us a break!


BSc, MSc, PhD.

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