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Probe these nouveaux riches

ZANU PF has destroyed politics, governance and agriculture. One might have assumed some sanity in the financial sector but this too seems to be directed and controlled by the same players.

al, Helvetica, sans-serif”>The end result is that the fat cats, political elites and service chiefs are the new bourgeoisie exploiting and controlling the masses through their incestous links and interlocks and kinships.

It’s time Zimbabweans realised our problems lie mainly in our failure to limit the excesses of a few to maintain the rights of the majority. Maybe Gideon Gono will be seen as a new Messiah for at least making an attempt to stop the criminal activities which have peen paraded as indigenisation and black empowerment. It is not empowerment if it is based on lax fiscal management. Now we know the prices were going up and inflation going up with the banks facilitating get-rich-quick schemes.

What goes up must come down and the culprits should face the music without clinging to the aprons of their masters. How can a legislator claim he has made enough money to pay the debts of ENG. It’s time a commission was set up to investigate the people who seem to have started from nowhere but have amassed wealth which has neither given them satisfaction and humility but arrogance and a disdain for the rule of law. I hope we all take a stand in 2004 and trust the MDC will fight rather than try to operate within the current hegemony in Zimbabwe.

As Colin Powell predicted, if somebody doesn’t stop what is happening soon, there won’t be anything left to destroy anymore. We are all impoverished by what has happenned even those who have left for better opportunities in other countries.

Personal wealth not shared by others can’t create social cohesion. Come on Minister of Finance let’s tax these people. After all we are socialists aren’t we?

Pamberi nokusvinura,


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