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Open service to scrutiny

I HAVE been following with interest the raging debate on the national service programme.

I think most of us agree, just as on the land issue, that the idea i

s indeed noble but differ on its implementation. In most countries in the world national service is compulsory and the programme is very much open in contrast to the secrecy that surrounds the Zimbabwean programme.

If government is serious in addressing the concerns of all Zimbabweans regarding it then it should open it up to public scrutiny. To hide behind the veil of “real and perceived enemies” will not help.

And if government is to do a serious public relations job on the issue it has to find someone less confused than the minister who would like us to believe that the students are disciplined and at the same time have razor wire dividing their hostels. Goes a long way to substantiate what we have known all along!



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