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No worker allowed near a telephone at Clicks

I WRITE to express my displeasure over the insensitivity displayed by a man (name supplied) said to be the acting overall manager at the Gweru branch of Clicks through his colonial mentality towards his subordinates, one of them my relative.

lign=justify>When I telephoned their office recently to convey a death message, he declined to entertain my plea for his assistance through informing my relative. He insisted my relative was not allowed to go anywhere near the telephone.

His shocking leadership style convinced me that he is one of those mad managers with unrefined management skills, and the sooner Clicks management realises this, the better.

Owing to the acting manager’s inhuman attitude, we laid to rest our deceased relative in the absence of his subordinate (my relative). Talk of management without empathy for its workers!

What also baffles me is the fact that in this day and age, 26 years after the attainment of Independence, some workers are still working under the manacles of oppression, not allowed to move with technology, ie going anywhere near the telephone.

Something is irretrievably wrong with Clicks.

* The author, using the pseudonym Down With Worker Discrimination, writes from Harare.

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