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Mugabe worse than Smith

I STILL maintain that President Robert Mugabe is far worse than Ian Smith. He is causing untold suffering to the people of Zimbabwe. Jonathan Moyo and the rest of his War Cabinet care only about their own survival. There is gagging of the

press by a guy that clearly looks like a dimwit with a face of someone living in the past and an economy in ruin.

There is no positive sign to date of addressing the economy, just a lot of venom about the “Breetish” and Blair the toilet. Does that really address the problem that we are in?

The way they believe they can solve the problems is by imposing a double tax on our poor people living abroad who are holding two or three jobs a day to support their families doing menial jobs. I have even heard these ministers say those working abroad are like export commodities. Does that not ring a bell? Didn’t our own chiefs trade their own people long ago as slaves while they received whisky and cloth in return?

Our chefs need to go in a small corner to meditate and examine their minds instead of carrying on like lunatics. Another striking thing is that Zimbabwean men are like reptiles or creatures with no back-bones. In the meantime, their women are working overseas, doing cross-borders trips to put food on the family table and clothes on their backs.

Shame on you men. When our women like shining stars demonstrate in Bulawayo, you men in the army and police come and beat them up. You only get tough when dealing with women. You are too weak to stand up to the Mugabe regime.



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