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Mugabe gift: idea was ill-conceived, downright stupid

DO the members of Hear the Word really think that they have blessed President Mugabe with their most magnanimous gift of $30 million? I’m afraid that all the Bible references Pastor Deuschle quotes in defence of his actions do not cut it.

I think he is misquoting to justify the pay-out.

The 30 pieces of silver Hear the Word has paid for whatever reason was an ill-conceived and downright stupid idea.

A greater blessing would be, if, as a Church, they had held prayer meetings or prayed in their services for the president or if Pastor Deuschle took the time to see him and present the gospel or lay hands on him for inner healing.

Frankly, Hear the Word’s primary responsibility is for the widows and orphans of their congregation and for the elderly (and that is Scriptural!).

That $30 million would have gone a long way towards providing sustenance for the least affluent of our society, not pocket money for the president.

As a parting thought, money can never be considered a blessing and if that is the gospel Hear the Word are preaching I am glad I am not a member of their congregation, particularly if the little I have is being given to the wealthy.

Joseph Smith,


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