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MDC should explore new methods on polls

HOW the MDC carries out its consultation process, who they talk to and whether their decisions reflect the input from the grassroots is probably an internal matter most are not privy to.

, Helvetica, sans-serif”>The election boycott debate however will define whether they are a grouping of timid people afraid of risk while basking in known comforts or courageous revolutionaries. People have said time and again, their participation in lop-sided elections adds dignity to the shambles they are.

While I do not celebrate the electoral loss in Zengeza, I do hope it serves as a wake-up call for the leadership to realise that people are tired of this political merry-go-round and would like alternative methods explored. They will begin to shun known risks like voting and continue to express frustration with the lack of momentum from the opposition to effectively challenge the oppression they face.

While apathy obviously feeds this oppression, they do realise even if they vote opposition MPs into parliament the political structure is such that the executive arm of government, the presidency, effectively runs the country.

The 2005 parliamentary election is also going to reflect this disillusionment. Who does not know Zanu PF kills, maims, intimidates, breaks laws and rigs elections?

It’s not enough to always be the victim. We have accepted the political environment is one-sided but what we have not accepted is to become a permanent component of that charade. The MDC needs to break from this tail-spin and become a solid hope for change by taking extreme positions.

We have to accept reality and confront it head-on with appropriate responses. Trying to pillow-fight armed thugs is evidently not working and will never work.

A boycott will effectively plunge Zimbabwe into a fully-blown dictatorship and this will be a good thing because the regime’s true colours will have no white-washings. The MDC’s participation is currently providing Zanu PF with the pretence of democracy. The powerlessness of the MDC mayors is a good example. Voted in by the people but made impotent by the “Minister for Mayors” Ignatius Chombo.

This is the scheme of things and people want alternative responses to this subversion of their will. They will never revolt until they are convinced if they are to sacrifice on any particular day, those leading them show sufficient courage to carry the day through. The current hesitancy does not bode well for expectations in this direction.

Lance Guma,



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