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Leaving Zimbabwe at behest of Zesa

I REFER to a “feedback” letter from Ursula Hibbert two weeks ago and couldn’t agree more with her.

I live in the area bound by Stonechat Lane, Binton Road, Crocke

t and Honeybear Lane in Greystone Park and can advise her if it’s any comfort that we face a worse position than herself.

We have resigned ourselves to at least one power cut per week. Last year in desperation I wrote to the area manager and sadly the letter was not even acknowledged. To his credit though, the situation improved and we were subjected to one power cut every 10 days. The situation soon reverted back to normal at the turn of the year and we are now back to our ration of one power cut per week.

As I write, we are in the middle of a power cut which started at 11:00 hours on March 29 and some 36 hours later there is still no power in sight.

I have resigned myself to this existence as it would be incorrect to call this life. Any efforts to phone the so-called “call centre” are a waste of time as the telephone is never answered.

The charges have been increased by over 400% without notice for a very poor service. For me this really is the last straw and I am a black Zimbabwean thinking of relocating to either the UK or USA because Zesa has “defeated me”.



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