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IMF should not fall for this Zanu PF kids’ stuff

“GOVERNMENT sidelines trust, takes charge of water project” (Independent, March 26) quoted Infrastructure Development minister Joyce Mujuru saying government would inject $2,5 billion seed money as a matter of urgency into the Matabelelan

d Zambezi Water Project.

Analysts quickly dismissed the move as a political gimmick ahead of the 2005 parliamentary election.

Such a typical example of simplistic Zanu PF thinking: promises, promises before an election, a few thousand or million dollars cast upon the waters to try to attract votes; then – nothing.

It happens every time. The same with food – other people’s food usually. Hijack it, give it to the starving povo before the event, then – forget it. No more.

But see: “Government mortgages tobacco over debt” (in the same issue) – that man with the “incredibly high IQ”, Agriculture minister Joseph Made, “sources said” has forward-sold 35 million kgs of tobacco to use as part payment of government’s mounting debt (US$273 million) to the IMF, no doubt so that the IMF and world Bank will shed tears of joy and welcome Zimbabwe back as the prodigal son – and of course lend the money straight back to us.

Nice try, but I wonder how the IMF will view this naive, facile thinking.

Will they be amused, disgusted or angry that Zanu PF should try such kids’ stuff on them? Or diplomatically smile a quiet inward smile and just add it to the list of experiences they’ve had with Zimbabwe?

I just don’t see them falling for this tired ploy. Return to democracy, rule of law, humanitarianism, the whole list (oh yes, and pay back some of that US$273 million), then we’ll consider accepting you back is what the IMF should say.

Until then don’t expect any change in our non-relationship with you.

PNR Silversides,


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