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Govt will soon choke itself with lies

I AM really worried here. When a government goes on a lying onslaught and then begins to believe the lies, then that government has become dangerous. They have used many people to lie to us and justify their immoral behaviour, torture, mu

rder and mental siege.

You have Caesar Zvayi being considered a columnist. On March 23 he was at it telling us what he really is – a Zanu PF cadre masquerading as a Herald columnist. He tells us the first time he saluted an opposition member was when he did so for Sekesai Makwavarara.

You have Tazzen Mandizvidza who tries to lambast the Panorama programme which exposed the behaviour of Zanu PF by destroying the mental faculty of our youths through indoctrination. He shows us a youth who has learnt to hate being lifted by the president and with a wad of bearer cheques. How did he earn the bearer cheques? By spewing hatred and yet Mandizvidza tries to show us the young boy as a patriot.

During the presidential election there again was a little boy who went on a frenzy ridiculing MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai at a Zanu PF rally. Who taught this boy to hate?

The boys need guidance, they need to be taught to love yet they are taught to say Pasi nanhingi and get $200 000 just like when “Toilet” Tambaoga got some money for abusive and hate language coming to us as a song against another country’s leadership.

Mugabe keeps on telling us that the MDC was formed by the British when we know the MDC was formed by trade unionists, intellectuals, the youth, the marginalised women, and students of Zimbabwe.

Zanu PF supporters then assault the MDC on the basis of this lie.

Because of lies we have seen people throwing conscience to the wind. A good example is Jonathan Moyo. Look what he has done to Zimbabwe in pursuit of supporting a lie that Britain wants to recolonise the country. He does not have a shred of evidence to that effect. The only British blemish we see is to tell Zimbabwe to respect human life and this to the Zimbabwe government is horrible.

Look at how they lie to the world that they are correcting past land imbalances yet they are the same government who invited so many foreigners to come and invest in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately most whites took the offer as genuine. Most invested in factories and farms that the government had declined. After establishing these entities we fight them to move off our land – yes the land we invited them to buy.

Look how they support Munyaradzi Gwisai. Just because he said something bad about Tsvangirai he has become a hero.

Look at Kurauone Chihwayi. As soon as he criticised Tsvangirai he has become the darling of the government press.

Trevor Ryan Mashayamombe,


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