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Gono’s reforms show past folly and evil

SO Gideon Gono has forgiven his fellow bankers and politicians for forex offences, but not “Mr Citizen” or “Mr Businessman” (Zimbabwe Independent, June 11).

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inessman who acquired forex on the parallel market to keep his business going, give his family bread, reward his shareholders fairly – all moral activities – is now fined or imprisoned.

Surely Gono’s reforms show the folly and evil of what went before. And why weren’t these reforms instituted years ago? Any fool could see the future then when billions of (then) valuable dollars were given to “war vets”.

Soon what was political was legal, which would have delighted the homicidal and immoral Mao.

Cowardly, wasn’t it, as well as disastrous and immoral? I haven’t mentioned:

“Thou shalt not steal”.

Lying is sinful yet we were told farmers could keep one farm and would be recompensed for improvements.

So legality means illegality and over 20 years ago reconciliation meant whites being “reconciled” to the premier’s dictum that they had no future in government service.



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