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Economic recovery an illusory myth

AM I being unduly pessimistic in forecasting that the “economic recovery” now under way, according to Zanu PF praise singers, will be as illusory as the previously much-touted “tourism recovery?”

na, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>I have just returned from a brief visit to Victoria Falls. The town is a virtual ghost town as far as international visitors is concerned.

Almost half of the recently re-opened Elephant Hills Hotel is in “mothballs” and its occupancy rate is perhaps 10%.

On one day last week, I was told that only one person was checking into the hotel on that day.

Visiting the restaurant one evening I witnessed the Ndebele traditional dance group performing for an audience of two diners (not counting the hotel staff).

I visited the Kingdom Hotel twice in the early evening. On both occasions the casino area was completely empty and the number of people dining could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

The same story was repeated at the Victoria Falls Hotel. Its famous verandah, with its magnificent view, had not even a solitary guest partaking of a sundowner.

Viewing the incredible Falls was as always, awe inspiring. But I doubt that there were more than a couple of international visitors sharing the experience during the time I was there.

The simple fact remains that neither a tourism recovery nor an economic recovery will take place until there is a return to good governance – governance that respects the rule of law, respects property rights, respects universal democratic values, is free of violence and free of human rights abuses.

The sooner this happens the better for all Zimbabweans, but it won’t happen unless people work positively for such changes.

Those who assist in the propping up of the present regime which has inflicted such damage on the country are merely prolonging and worsening our suffering.

Everett Scott,


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