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Don’t be dragged into Zanu PF squabbles

I HAVE observed with keen interest the goings-on at the beleaguered and poorly managed Town House. I must warn MDC councillors to be wary of being dragged into cheap politics.

, sans-serif”>The “Iron Lady”, Sekesai Makwavarara, has been cracking her whip of late. It is interesting to note that she is deriving her power from some powerful “man” somewhere. It is not from God, but everyone knows who this demi-god is.

Just recently she ordered the library to be opened once a week. If I may ask, does that library have books? I may be wrong in trying to suggest that a library should be open 24/7 when there are no books in there but “sugar, tea and biscuits” that may eventually find their way to the homes of councillors.

Below is an account of the latest disturbances at Town House.

l A hapless personal assistant is being dragged into dirty politics and sacrificed for being in cahoots with the embattled town clerk Nomutsa Chideya.

“I have requested in the past rationalisation of the employee’s posts, all to no avail. I therefore instruct that he be reassigned to another department and functions with immediate effect. I will appreciate if you execute this with urgency,” she said.

Does she understand what a skills base is? Does she know what retraining and reorientation mean? Does she understand the power of human resources in attaining and maintaining competitive advantage in busines?

Pardon this educated jargon. You may be doing what you are doing just to prop up Zanu PF and dislodge MDC, but Madam, be warned, Town House will be forever there even after your great, great grand children are gone.

The personal assistant is doing his job best in the office that he currently occupies. Why should he be dragged out of this office for reassignment?

But it is written at Town House that the assistant is viewed as the brains behind the decisions of the town clerk, especially his objections to public relations manager Lesley Gwindi relocating to the office of the deputy mayor. Surely she has a reason to ditch him!

l Makwavarara cracks the whip again regarding our cry-baby Gwindi. She issued an instruction that Gwindi moves into the deputy mayor’s office despite objections from Chideya who said the office is for elected members of council.

“I am therefore instructing thepublic relations manager to relocate (to the office). I hope this puts the matter to rest,” she said. Chideya refuses to budge because he “thinks” that the office was for an elected member of council.

But Makwavarara further cracks at the embattled town clerk: “Your continued reference to an elected member of council, ie deputy mayor, baffles me because you seem to be the only one with information to that effect. That reference is irrelevant to say the least,” said Makwavarara.

Tell us councillors from the MDC, is Chideya’s stance in compliance with provisions of the Urban Councils Act? If it is, then surely Makwavarara is getting directives packaged from the minister responsible. Gwindi will occupy that office before long. After all, court petitions vying for Chombo’s head are not “urgent” as reported by the Herald recently.

l Makwavarara feels bad about the “leakage” of letters to the Herald and wanted to know who had done it.

“Is this the way we are now operating? I wrote those letters this afternoon and you now have them. I cannot work with such people,” she said.

Who does she suspect sent these letters? Obviously it is Chideya and the personal assistant, according to her opinion. And who knows – it could be the troubled public relations manager. Time will tell.

But ratepayers are saying to the acting mayor: worry about the water leakages in Mabvuku, Kuwadzana, the city centre and other places and not paper leaks. What you want to hide, God knows. But water leaks cannot be hidden because you will soon be drenched or even drown.

A piece of advice for MDC councillors – beware of the dangers of being dragged into this “pot of mud”. Remember that it was Makwavarara, Gwindi, Chideya and a host of others who nailed the real executive mayor to the cross!

So, MDC councillors, beware. In fact, “beware the Ides of March” as the president rightly put it on his trip to Egypt.

N M Nyepesi,


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