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Chiyangwa should know better

THE Honourable MP Phillip Chiyangwa has to learn to grow up. Everyone knows he is very rich and that he has a very beautiful house in Harare because he never misses an opportunity to remind us, but he has to learn to respect the courts if

he is to earn respect from the public he purports to represent.

His antics in court the other day, though humorous, should be condemned by all right-thinking people.

That he was to spend the weekend in police custody should not even weaken the degree of our condemnation of him, because we always expect the best from our representatives in parliament.

As a lawmaker, Chiyangwa should be the first to know laws are made to be obeyed. If people begin to disrespect laws and court procedures on the basis of the amount of wealth they have, then they will be making a mockery of the legal system and Parliament. It is unfortunate that while the media have reported a great deal on Chiyangwa’s wealth and vast business empire, nothing or very little is known about his education. Because with very basic education, Chiyangwa would surely agree with Cicero’s observation that “We must all be slaves of the law in order that we become free.”

Hudson Taivo,


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