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Britain/Zimbabwe Society backs Independent

AT its Annual General Meeting in London last November, the Britain/Zimbabwe Society focused on issues of press freedom and the need to access independent and informed opinion from Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe Independent was particularly identified as an excellent source of news, not only within Zimbabwe, but also via your website throughout the world.

This is because your reporting is recognised as independent, informed and intelligently contextualised.

We were therefore concerned to hear about the recent arrest of four of your journalists and the sustained attacks upon the paper during the past weeks.

We support you fully in your attempts to investigate and report upon events in Zimbabwe maintaining an independent source of information.

We will be contacting the Embassy (no longer a High Commission!) in London to express our belief that a healthy society needs an independent press and that we believe the attacks on your paper (regardless of the accuracy or otherwise of the specific report on Mugabe’s use of the national carrier) are unhelpful to the maintenance of political debate and civic freedom.

Dr Diana Jeater,

Chair, Britain/Zimbabwe


Principal Lecturer in

African History,

University of Western


Bristol, UK.

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