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Analysis added insult to injury

WHILE you say; “We analyse, you digest”, I find your analysis (businessdigest, March 12) left a lot to be desired.

“The Intermarket group is made up of Inter

market Discount House, Intermarket Banking Corporation and Intermarket Building Society. Last week the group was placed under curatorship for six months,” read part of the article.

This is not the whole truth. The Intermarket group, besides the three units you mentioned, also has the following units whose clients you caused sleepless nights and untold heartache – Intermarket Life Assurance, Intermarket Asset Managers, Intermarket Unit Trusts, Intermarket Stock Brokers and Intermarket Reinsurance.

This may sound like a small insignificant detail but my point is you have not done the public any favours by publishing a story of this magnitude without first verifying such small details as the number of units which comprise the Intermarket group.

You assisted in alarming clients with investments in those unaffected units unnecessarily.

This in my books does not represent the truth or stand in good stead for your motto of “We analyse. You digest”. Your analysis left a lot to be desired. You bear a huge responsibility of informing the public of prudent facts and not to simply sensationalise issues irrespective of the damage that may be caused to investors who support you.

Please do not add insult to injury Mr Ngoni Chanakira. Finding facts does not require a rocket scientist!



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