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Why quiz us over forex?

The Reserve Bank has done a good job by encouraging people to cash their forex at reasonable rates at the banks.

But they did not tell the truth by stating that n

o questions would be asked, because the bank teller will ask for your ID and punch the details in the computer, after which they give you a receipt. What are the ID details for?

And why can’t the forex departments extend their banking hours to 5pm?

Alternatively, couldn’t hotels be licensed to change forex to Zim dollars so that foreigners and locals can change their forex without being prejudiced?

On another note: a workmate of mine recently lost US$200 to forex thieves who have invaded central Harare, especially Africa Unity Square.

She went to find someone who could change her money after the banks closed. A young man selling fake recharge cards approached her inquiring if she had any forex to sell.

She was introduced to a smartly dressed young man who asked her to hand over the forex before he gave her the Zim dollar equivalent, just to “make sure the money was not fake”.

When the young man was satisfied her money was “genuine”, he brought out two bundles of neatly bound $20 000 bearer cheques.

The young man asked her to count it, at which point people suddenly shouted: “police, run!”.

By the time she realised that she was holding pieces of newsprint, the young man, together with his friends and her forex, had disappeared.

Antony Chinx,


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