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Why not shut up VP Msika?

VICE-PRESIDENT Joseph Msika’s claim that Matabeleland people are “cry babies” carried in the Chronicle issue of July 31 cannot go unchallenged.

Far from being cry babies, we have been, and are

still telling the truth that Matabeleland is being marginalised.

What kind of evidence does he want to believe besides all that we have been “crying” about? How long has the Matabeleland Zambezi Water Project been used as a campaining tool during elections?

Is it not more than 10 years that the Bulawayo/Nkayi Road is being constructed at a “normal” pace yet roads in Mashonaland are done “fast track?”

How many companies have relocated from Bulawayo to Harare and vice-versa? Did not the media reveal recently that construction of Lupane University and the government offices there are grounded because of lack of funds, yet various insignificant projects are being carried out in Mashonaland and Manicaland?

Perhaps Msika should keep quiet rather than annoy us further by his baseless utterances. Things change, okwakuyiziziba kuzoba ngamazibuko!

Lizwelibolile Ncube,


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