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Why muck up a good column?

IN last week’s column “Who appointed these people in the first place?”, (Zimbabwe Independent, July 21), it’s clear that Muckraker was dead certain that Morgan Tsvangirai was either aware of, condoned, approved, sanctioned or even ordered th

e attack on Harare North MP Trudy Stevenson.

It would have been fantastic if Muckraker had provided the evidence. It seems rather childish to order a hit-squad to attack an opponent and shout your name for all to hear while they are at it! Shall we please wait for investigations and the court verdict before we pronounce certain statements that may embarrass us tomorrow (if we have conscience enough to be embarrassed).

If Tsvangirai is guilty, he will not get away with it — not with the police, Zanu PF and certain “journalists” craving so much for the guilty verdict to prevail!

I do not condone violence in any form. Neither am I particularly impressed by either Tsvangirai or Arthur Mutambara, but it is not difficult for anyone to fathom which MDC faction Muckraker sympathises with — and at the expense of facts. If Muckraker continues like this, he will be muckier than the state media journalists that he harangues week in, week out and will need to be raked himself.

Muckraker should not let his personal, political preferences muck up an otherwise good column.



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