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Who’s fooling who?

IN your article “Govt drops $127b appeal for 2005 poll” (Zimbabwe Independent, February 27) Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa said government no longer needed the $127 billion it had asked for from the United Nations to finance next year

‘s election.

He said “given the economic upturn we think we will now be able to meet the costs from our own resources”. This was after the UNDP had indicated they wanted to assess the political climate and electoral framework.

Obviously Zanu PF is hiding something and scared of justice.

On the next page you carried a story on the UNDP hosting luncheons to convince donors to give Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono money. The government obviously does not have enough to foot the bill for the election. Who is the liar here – Chinamasa or Gono?

Is the UN positioning itself to push us down the drain like Thabo Mbeki has done?

On his retirement plans Kofi Annan hinted “to farm in Africa”. Why not say Ghana or where exactly in Africa? This perhaps explains his silence on human rights violations in Zimbabwe.

A McCormick,


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