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We should gain from rare talent in our midst

MUCH has been said about the new kid on the political block and president of the pro-senate MDC faction, Professor Arthur Mutambara’s rare talent and leadership skills.

Much more has also been said about his secretary-gene

ral, Professor Welshman Ncube.

Zimbabweans who cherish a better future for generations to come should reflect on the legacy we would like to leave behind when we pass on.

The nation missed an opportunity and failed to exploit the leadership skills of the legendary Joshua Nkomo.

Today when we recall with nostalgia his prophetic statements, we curse ourselves as the fallen leader had predicted our fate.

The government of President Robert Mugabe which is responsible for the chaos prevalent in the country today, is in a state of denial. Instead of owning up to its mistakes for posterity’s sake, it is bent on manipulating the nation’s history, trying to give the impression that it revered Nkomo.

Nkomo was ill-treated by his supposed colleagues after this country attained its Independence from Britain in 1980. It is no secret either that the likes of Mugabe and Enos Nkala tried in vain to “contaminate” the minds of people in a deliberate effort to dissuade them from supporting Nkomo.

Stories were concocted to the effect that Nkomo had sought to sell out the country to the whites. I remember Mugabe, then prime minister, derisively calling Nkomo bhuru rengozi (a bull possessed by evil spirits) during a parliamentary election campaign.

Even Vice-President Joice Mujuru poured her share of insults on Nkomo when she referred to him as a “senile old man” in response to an issue relating to Strive Masiiwa’s Econet licensing saga.

Today the Umdala Wethu Gala, which is supposed to be a commemorative festival celebrating the life of this great man, has been unashamedly patronised and manipulated for political gain by Zanu PF.

The late Zapu leader is at every turn projected and showered with heroic accolades by the very same Zanu PF leadership which contemptuously refused to recognise his role even when it was evident that the nation needed him for its survival in the globalised geo-political village.

Zimbabweans must learn to be tolerant and allow every Zimbabwean, regardless of ethnicity or regional location, to contribute to the democratic discourse in the struggle against Mugabe’s autocracy.

Our nation is fortunate that it is endowed with a lot of talent. Mutambara is one such talented leader. Described by some as a “rare talent which Zimbabwe has ever produced”, Mutambara promises to be a great leader.

He possesses a wealth of energy, stamina and innovativeness. In my view he could be the prescription that the doctor has recommended for us to restore sanity to our nation.

Ncube is another talented Zimbabwean. He possesses a calculative mind and incredible administrative skills.

The combination of Mutambara and Ncube produces a rare intellectual breed which will make an impact on Zimbabwe’s political scene for a long time to come.

This country needs an opposition with a vision and the capacity to engage the Mugabe regime. Mutambara seems to possess the requisite credentials.

Zimbabwe is currently at a political crossroads. Having been betrayed by Mugabe for the past 26 years, it cannot afford to entrust the future of this nation to the hands of a flip-flopping leadership that lacks policy consistency, has demonstrated inability to solve its internal leadership conflicts and clearly demonstrated its lack of
creativity to out-manoeuvre the regime.

Zimbabwe’s future depends entirely on our ability as a nation to identify men and women of exceptional talent, vision and leadership attributes who can motivate Zimbabweans to fight for their right to be governed by leaders of their choice.

We should get the opportunity to benefit from rare talent.

Zivai Vusimbe,


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