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Tribute to the Independent

Allow me these few lines to salute you for the noble duty you always carry out even when things are hard.

Once upon a time, a place lay in wilderness where voices

of misery or jubilation were insulated from the outside world. But there came the Zimbabwe Independent along the way, and took these voices to the world out there, that they be heard. We salute you for hearing the plight of the students of Solusi University.

It’s a pity the institution has an administration that is too proud to admit its mistakes but let the truth be heard. The world will not be fooled by administrators who claim to be students and write in defence of evil. I think it will be a good idea if you send a reporter to interview the students right on the grounds of Solusi.

This will bring out the truth and also help the administration accept the other side of the story. The students at Solusi give to you measureless tribute and wish you all the blessings that heaven has in store for those who sacrifice for the oppressed.

May god bless you.

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