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Talk is cheap, use ballot box!

WHY is there the insistance that MDC and Zanu PF must talk? And by whom? And what about? How the MDC must toe the Zanu PF line, join that party and continue the status quo?

ans-serif”>Or is this a new form of Third World Evolutionary African Politics whereby we talk out our differences, become diluted and as confused as Joshua Nkomo was, and go forward under the most despotic leader for the benefit of the few at the expense of the majority?

Why would the MDC want to be that stupid?

The real reason that these talks are being encouraged, and generally by the leaders of our border countries, is to retain the current leadership in position and for their own hidden agendas, a part of which is to prevent future elections.

No, MDC, the only talking to be done is through the ballot box and do not let anyone persuade you otherwise, as all other dialogue with our current leader is simply diversionary and a waste of time because as we all know the leopard cannot, and definitely will not, change its spots.

G Fleet,


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