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Someone get Moyo a suitable acronym

AVID listeners of any of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation’s radio stations will know that the Voice of Zimbabwe is second to none in the use of acronyms in its news broadcasts.

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One notable exception to such laudable practice however is that no form of abbreviation is ever used to denote the official title of Prof Jonathan Moyo.

Moyo’s title, through no fault of the good professor is, to say the least, of somewhat tedious length, running as it does to no less than 15 words. It is my belief that not only Prof Moyo but the news readers and the public would very much welcome the use of some acceptable abbreviation or acronym for his official title.

I have found however that the composition of a suitable acronym is no easy task. The ideal acronym being of course brief.

My initial attempts at brevity for Minister of Information and Publicity resulted in possibilities such as MISFIP, MISTINPU and MISTINPUB – none of which seemed quite suitable and attempts at yet further brevity such as MSIPOPC could well cause difficulty in pronunciation.

I was therefore forced to abandon the brevity principle and settle for an acronym comprising the first letter of each word in the title, that is MOSFIAPITOOTPAC for Minister of State for Information and Publicity in the Office of the President and Cabinet.

Such suggestions may, like the title itself, be a trifle lengthy but with a little practice is quite easily pronounced and to my ear at least rings quite pretty. Furthermore its very length serves to distinguish it from other acronyms and conveys the requisite degree of dignity.

Failing my suggestion being ac-ceptable, perhaps the presidentmight see fit in his next cabinet reshuffle to alter the title to something more acronymically accommodating.

F Slaven,


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