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Rid Mutare West of Mushowe

AFTER reading your article on Minister Joseph Made’s Xmas invasion I find it amazing that our local MP Christopher Mushowe does not know about Kondozi. It could be that he is trying to hide the f

act that he has obtained two of the companies on the farms for himself after evicting one of the shareholders and wants to hide the fact from Charles Utete’s land audit team.

More amazing still is that Kondozi is the only agro-industry in his constituency employing over 5 000 people directly who in turn influence over 50 000 constituency members. Surely he should know this as our MP. In my six years of service at this company we have never had him address us positively and he only avoids the company. Maybe he and Made want this place for themselves and are only using Arda as a tool.

These people need to be stopped because they are destroying our lives. Where will we get jobs if Arda takes over because everybody knows they have failed in their business?

If Mushowe wants to destroy his constituency like other areas in Zimbabwe then Zanu PF must give us a new MP who will build up Mutare West and give us hope.

Let us stop the nonsense in 2004 and build on the good things and rid ourselves of rubbish like Mushowe, Made and Arda CEO Joseph Matovanyika.

Forward to a better 2004 and a return to national pride.

Shungu dze Upenyu,

Mutare West.

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