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Politics affects all aspects of life

I REFER to the events taking place in the administration of cricket in Zimbabwe.

Is there anyone who still wants to pretend that politics and sport can exist in s

eparate universes?

Unfortunately there are too many people who want to pretend that politics is of no concern to them – that it has no place in their lives, just as they might like to pretend that “politics has no place in sport”. Such misguided, myopic individuals are themselves part of the problem.

The reality is that “politics” (not “party politics”) is about life, it is about conflict resolution in society.

The only person who might legitimately attempt to claim that politics is of no concern is a hermit living on a desert island. For anyone who lives in society, politics is as inevitable a part of their lives as breathing. Those who seek to deny this fundamental truth simply do not understand the meaning of the word.

It is unfortunate that there was no unity amongst Zimbabwe’s national cricketers when Henry Olonga and Andy Flower stood up as sportsmen to be counted.

Had there been, I would have had rather more sympathy for those who are now standing up to the ZCU on an issue less important than that for which Olonga and Flower made their principled stand.

Perhaps, rather too late, they have realised that politics does after all affect all aspects of life just as much as inflation or unemployment.

RES Cook,


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