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Made sacrificial lambs

I WANT to express my sentiments concerning the launch of the Homelink scheme by Gideon Gono the Reserve Bank governor, to enable Zimbabweans in the diaspora to send forex home.

a, sans-serif”>While the idea of economic revival is noble, is our government encouraging us to go in the diaspora en masse so as to exploit us for the peanuts that we work for? Have we suddenly turned to be the salvation of the regime hanging by its teeth? Are we not the same people called names because we left our so-called good jobs to do menial jobs like cleaning toilets and taking care of the old?

So my question is: are we being made sacrificial lambs to help Mugabe’s cronies get money to travel?

For the majority of the people in the diaspora, we would rather be home than live like refugees, illegally in other countries. The reason why we settle in these countries is there is rule of law, and if the same is done in Zimbabwe, we will also have people coming to invest in our country and stimulate economic revival.

So for Mugabe and his puppets to try and pretend they now like us is an insult to our intelligence. Mugabe should just go and Gono should carry the message loud and clear if he is to accomplish the mission he is purporting to have. We are capable of doing better when the road to peace is cleared. We cannot trust Mugabe with his hide and seek games that we are tired of.

Mugabe has continued to rule with an iron hand with impunity while Sadc and once dear neighbours see and hear no evil. South Africa in particular, the country with the highest political and economic influence, has adopted a failing “quiet diplomacy” policy.

Please Mugabe, Gono and your circus, give us a break. Tipeiwo maseriuos.

Mukuru Mukuru,

Indianapolis, USA.

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