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Made invasion exposes beast in Zanu PF govt

I HAVE just read the article entitled “Made in Xmas invasion” published in the Independent on January 2 concerning the attempt by Minister Joseph Made and others in government to seize Kondozi Estate in the Odzi district.

No doubt the purpose is to loot the assets as they will not be continuing the current farming operations.

Of interest to you is the assertion by deputy minister Christopher Mushowe that he “doesn’t know what Kondozi is”.

About six months ago the deputy minister took occupation of the home of one of the de Klerk family (managers and shareholders of Kondozi and at the time resident on the farm) by driving out the lawful occupants after giving them 48 hours notice to vacate their home. The house is on Kondozi Estate as the deputy minister well knows.

Mushowe took the de Klerk’s house after deciding he wanted another house, being dissatisfied with the farm and homestead he had already been given on Nyamazura Estates (owned by Arda) in the Odzi district.

This is just one more example of the dishonesty and lawlessness of members of this government.

I live in the district and your reporters can confirm the accuracy of this information.



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