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Keatley should peel her eyes and see the light

I HAVE felt compelled to respond to an article by one Norma Keatley “Whingeing Zimbabweans should look elsewhere”, (Zimbabwe Independent, January 20) pertaining to Zimbabweans going to the UK to “milk the system”.


It would be a waste of time for me to explain to her the facts about Zimbabweans suffering at the hands of the current government. I would advise her to open her eyes and perhaps get out of leafy Mandara and visit Chitungwiza during this month’s by-election to see the light.

How anyone can accuse Zimbabweans of “beating the system” to tap into the UK social security funded by the UK taxpayer beats me. It’s either she has conveniently chosen to forget history entirely or has a short memory problem.

We haven’t forgotten how the Europeans forced us into slavery and took our land. We have not forgotten either the despicable acts committed against the third world for the sake of European and American economic prosperity.

We are a proud lot and had it not been for the mismanagement of our economy we would arguably be the most well-educated and prosperous African nation. And the good thing expected out of this struggle is that many Zimbabweans all over the world will bring back the knowledge, expertise and forex into the country when this “show is over”.



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