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Chiwenga should stay clear of matters medical

BEEN reading my Independent of January 2 and the front page story on General Constantine Chiwenga threatening doctors. It shows us how ineffectual Health minister David Parirenyatwa is (to cede the chairmanship of his meeting with his sta

ff) and secondly that Jocelyn and the General were made for each other.

Jocelyn is a firebrand and so is her hubby. The good general should keep well away from matters medical and concentrate on keeping the boys happy in the barracks. We don’t need him attending to “cups of tea” with doctors while he tries to “negotiate”. The man is incapable of negotiating.

Parirenytawa must do his job. I assume he knows what that is, and leave the uniformed forces to the barracks.

That I suppose also shows us the many things that are wrong with this country. For example, everyone is a farmer; a junior Minister of Information dabbles in the interpretation of laws, banks get involved in all sorts of businesses, junior ministers write music for the nation, presidents think they are economists, failed bankers who are now MPs think they are best-placed to dispense economic advice to the rest of the country.



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