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Bemused by Bloch’s collaboration with govt

IT is somewhat bemusing to read that economist Eric Bloch is allegedly collaborating with government institutions in endeavours to channel forex earned by locals living in the diaspora through the state’s self-serving financial Laundromat


At least a quarter of Zimbabwe’s citizens have either been exiled, deprived of their birthright, robbed of their assets and employment opportunities. These victims of the horrors being perpetrated in Zimbabwe already have enough of a struggle trying to start new lives from scratch.

Some are able to move forex to relatives who have not managed to escape the tyranny. The likelihood of any of them wanting to aid and abet the regime that has effectively destroyed their lives by repatriating their earnings through the formal channels is thus extremely remote.

Of course there are other forex looting opportunities such as the hypocritical aid programmes sponsored by the United Nations, the European Union, the US, Britain and USAid that effectively prolong the tyranny. These contributions appear to be generally unmonitored with the result that further opportunities prevail for well-positioned stalwarts to gain advantage.

Bloch should focus his attention on sanitising the passage of these contributions to ensure that they end up without deduction or commission where they were intended.

A country or business needs to earn more than it spends to survive, and prosper.

No country can survive indefinitely in isolation. Pariah states that are not integrated into and accepted by the relevant global community inevitably fail.

The only remedy to save Zimba-bwe is to gain meaningful inter-national acceptance.

The prescribed medicines to achieve this goal are not palatable to Zanu PF because of the inevitable cost to themselves.

Consequently and regrettably the prognosis remains that Zimbabwe will continue to melt down towards final implosion. Anarchy is now within reach.

President Thabo Mbeki and other regional leaders will in due course bear the brunt of accountability for the demise of Zimbabwe.

Walter Hurley,


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